Immobilizer Bypass Modules
for Remote Start

Fortin Remote Start Immobilizer Bypass Module Xpress Kit Programmable Bypass Kit by DEI iDataLink Transponder Bypass & Door Lock Interface Combo Module

Beginning in around 1996-98 some cars began coming with anti-theft systems which prevented the car from starting unless the right key was in the ignition. In the last few years most (but not all) vehicles have these anti-theft systems. Obviously, when you install a remote start on these vehicles, the car isn’t going to start unless you trick the car into thinking it “sees” the right key in the ignition or the right “electronic code” in its circuitry. This is done with devices called ignition immobilizer interfaces, transponder bypass kits, or passlock interfaces. These specialized parts and their installation are required for the remote start to work in these vehicles. Depending on the device, bypass & combo bypass/door lock modules range in price from $49.99 to around $160 installed. This is added to the cost of the remote start. When we quote you a remote start price installed we normally include the cost of the bypass module if one is needed, but we don’t always know whether your car needs one or not.  Sometimes the vehicle may have to be inspected by us at our store at the time you want to make your purchase.

Sometimes two car keys may be required to program these devices during remote start installation. This is particularly true with many Ford vehicles.  Check with us on your vehicle’s requirements. If two keys are required, we can’t proceed with the install without them.

In addition many newer vehicles have their door lock circuitry controlled by the car’s computer data bus. In order for the remote start to integrate with and control the door locks (which may be necessary in order for the remote car starter to interface with the vehicle’s security system) a security module is needed. This module is usually included with the particular immobilizer interface for that vehicle but in some cases it must be purchased separately as a second additional module.

There are many different types of remote start interface parts. Each car manufacturer requires different anti-theft software depending on the vehicle’s year and model. The newest bypass modules now available are programmable through the module manufacturer’s website for the latest software for many different vehicles. As an example, a 2001 Chevy Cavalier takes different software or a different bypass module than a 2006 Trailblazer, which takes a different passlock module than a 2012 Chevy Impala.  Also, each car manufacturer requires different software for that manufacturer’s year and model of electronic circuitry. Sometimes one module can cover many different makes and vehicles. Other times different interface modules are necessary.  We stock the different ignition immobilizer modules and bypass kits for most vehicles so you can have your remote start installed today, so you don’t have to wait!  We carry the latest interface modules from the three biggest manufacturers: Fortin, iDatalink , & DEI XpressKit.  We have what it takes to install a Remote Start for you today!