Soundstream Dual Headrest Video with Two DVD Players

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The Soundstream Dual Video Headrests with Dual  DVD system gives an elegant back seat video solution for your kids.  Large 8.8″ video headrest monitors each with their own built-in car DVD player so each viewer can watch and listen to his/her own movie or each viewer can choose to watch another video source simply by choosing it with touch screen control. Your kids can watch the same movie together or each can watch their own.   The system comes with two sets of dual channel RF Headphones which give extremely clear audio.  RF Headphones also have better range.  Each listener can choose which headrest DVD to listen to simply by pushing a switch on the headphone.  Additional headphone sets can be purchased.  Available in four colors: Black, Dark Gray, Gray, Beige.  Color may have to be ordered but usually only takes about 2 days to come in.
• Playback System (DVD, DVD-R, VCD, SVCD, CD-DA, CD,
CD-R/RW, MP-3,Divx)
• Active Matrix TFT/LCD
• 3.5 mini front panel Audio/Video input on both headrests
• Selectable DVD or A/V input from other headrest
• 1 Video/Audio Output
• Built-in 900Mhz. 2-ch Transmitter
• 2 RF 2-ch Wireless Headphones Included in Package
• Built-in 8-channel FM Transmitter
• SD Card reader & USB Input
• Touch Screen controls for all features (Monitor & DVD)
• OSD on Screen Display
• 2 Remote Controls
• Swivel Screen Adjustment for Better Viewing Angle
• 4 Screen Modes (Full, Wide , Cinema, Zoom)
• NTSC/PAL auto-select
• Pole Diameter Options 5/8 or 7/16
• Pole width Adjustments 4” ~ 8”
• Panel Brightness: 400 NIT
• Resolution: 1440 x 234
• Dimensions: 8.9” H x 13.9” W
•Available in either Beige, Black, Grey or Dark Grey

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