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Like any great car stereo store, we carry lots of fantastic car audio accessories to help you complete your car stereo experience. Below is a sample of the various products and categories we carry in stock at our Kansas City/ Independence car stereo store.

Amplifier Installation Kits for various size amps – contain all the parts you nee to install an amp yourself. Amp install kits available with 8 ga., 4 ga, or 1/0 ga. wiring.

Car Stereo Installation Kits for most vehicles. Car install kits for different models and years are in stock.

Wire by the foot – Both power cable and speaker wire is sold by the foot in many different gauges.

Kinetik High Performance car batteries in stock and available in different sizes to match the RMS power output of your system. The best power upgrade you can make!

Stiffening Capacitors – Caps are used to gain extra current reserve for times of high demand current draw, like high volume listening especially with vehicle headlights and windshield wipers going.

High Output Alternator – special order – 180 to 200 continuous amps. Used in large systems requiring high current delivery and in the recharging of multiple batteries in a high performance system.

AGU Fuses              ANL Fuse
ANL Mini Fuses          ATC Fuses
Battery Post Distribution Blocks and terminals

Distribution Blocks
Fuse Holder – wired with terminal ring
RCA Barrels and right angles
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Sound Dampening Sheets in 1sq. ft and 2 sq. ft. sheets. Can cut sheets to fit. For doors, trunk, interior panels, anywhere you need sound deadening. Helps reduce rattles!

RCA Cables in different lengths and quality.

Power Antennas

Box Carpet

Car Antennas and Antenna Adapters

Terminal Cup for Speaker Boxes

Chime Modules Can bus modules and other Installation Modules for car stereo installation in later model vehicles with computer controlled in-dash wiring

Wiring Harnesses for car stereo installation – The car stereo wiring harness plugs into vehicle’s existing in-dash factory wiring harness and then wires to radio’s wiring harness. Harness radio, harness stereo, we stock a large inventory.

Ring Terminals for wire ends, various sizes and guages
Noise Filters & Ground Loop Isolators – For eliminating noise in car audio systems Grills for Woofers

Line out Converter for installing car power amps onto original equipment radios

Bass Blockers – Used to reduce bass from small speakers, like dash speakers. Helps protect speaker from distortion.

Steering Wheel Remote Interface Maintains use of factory steering wheel controls on an aftermarket stereo.

Noise Filter – Used in car video and car audio installation to reduce noise.