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We Install Customer Product – You Don’t Have to Buy it from Us.
We also do installation Repairs and Troubleshooting


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When you buy equipment from us, we can usually install it either immediately or after a short wait. No appointment is necessary. Of course occasionally we are jammed and may not be able to begin right away. Sometimes you may have to leave your vehicle. However because of our experienced crew of car audio experts, most of our installations are started as soon as possible.

We install customer product every day. You don’t have to buy it from us. Of course the installation cost is lower if you buy your product from us. Few shops in Kansas City are able to accommodate customers to install their car stereo or car audio products as quickly as we will. You say you need a car stereo install or to install car amplifier or install car alarm? You say you need a car audio install for the used stuff you got from your friend? You have car stereo wiring problems? You need to remove car stereo equipment or a stereo removal? We help folks like you every day with their car audio installation needs. Just be prepared to drop off your car if we’re busy. We’ll get your car stereo installation done that day. Often we can perform quick jobs like a radio installation while you wait. Call us for an estimate or stop by and we’ll help you as soon as possible. During the busiest times of year like around the Christmas holiday season we become booked up with our own sales and may not be able to do customer installations.

                                                   Car Audio Installation at our shop, where we are dedicated to Quality workmanship

We do car stereo wiring repairs and installation troubleshooting on aftermarket car alarm & remote start systems and on car audio systems, both aftermarket and original equipment.

What is Troubleshooting? Troubleshooting is finding out what is wrong with the system and fixing it if we can. If your product is covered by our local warranty support, our troubleshooting is FREE and the repair or correction of the problem is FREE. For jobs not covered by our local warranty support, after we troubleshoot and find out what’s wrong, we can perform installation repairs, car stereo wiring repairs and replace defective product. For example, we are often able to replace a defective car radio with a new one quicker and cheaper than you trying to repair the old radio. Before deciding to replace or remove car audio product, you better know for sure that your stuff is really bad. That’s why troubleshooting the car audio systems is important. Troubleshooting can save you money and time by making sure you fix the right thing. When we troubleshoot your car audio system and it turns out you have bad product in your vehicle, sometimes we can offer you money back on the troubleshooting fee if you decide to purchase new product from us and have it installed.

We work on all types of vehicles, from Boats to Antique Cars

National Auto Sound & Security has been performing quality car audio installations and remote start installations as long as our industry has been in existence. We have established a reputation for quality workmanship and affordable installation excellence. We install car stereos, car speakers, subwoofers, car amplifiers, you name it. We install car alarms, remote starters and satellite radio. We install gps navigation, car video & in car and under car LED and neon lighting. We install backup cameras and vehicle GPS tracking systems. We install keyless entry systems, power and non-power antennas, & breath analyzers to monitor drunk driving. We have been installing in cars, boats, trucks and vans for over 48 years. Our installers have a wealth of experience in car audio installation & car stereo installation. This is our specialty. We are installation experts. We are a leader for car audio installation in Kansas City.

We thank you, our customers, for your support over many years. We appreciate all the return business we get from all of you. Without you we would not be here. Thank you, and as always, we are here to serve you.