Audio Control Epicenter, Equalizers,
Bass Processors & Signal Processors

Audio Control is the finest in car audio equalizers, bass processors and signal processors. They are in stock and on display in our store. If you like what you see and need installation or advice on what component will help your car stereo sound system, we are here to help you find the right solution and to install it for you that day, no appointment necessary. For audiophile sound quality or for bass that rattles your bones, it’s Audio Control!

The Audio Control Epicenter is a Digital Bass Maximization processor. The Epicenter will maximize your ultra-low bass on all types of music and source material. This gives you incredible, awesome low bass response unlike anything you’ve heard before in your car stereo sound system, exclusively from Audio Control. 2XS crossover is a state of the art 2 way Electronic Crossover. It is used to control the input to a bass amp and a high’s amp so the right group of frequencies get to their respective amplifier. Includes a programmable subsonic filter for exceptional bass control.
The Epicenter Plus is similar to the Epicenter but adds an auxiliary input for iPod, satellite radio or other audio device. Also has a high impedance speaker level input that will allow you to connect to factory speakers for the simple addition of an aftermarket bass system to any factory car audio system. This unit also provides a 12 volt amp turn-on output for the aftermarket amp. The Epic 160 is an in-dash version of the Epicenter with a built-in microphone for an SPL readout or voltmeter display. Accepts speaker level inputs and has dual illumination.
Matrix line driver with two channel inputs and 6 channel outputs with 13 volt peak output. There is adjustable output level controls for each pair of channels, voltage indicator LED’s, and a subsonic filter. The audio control line driver provides the best quality signal with the least noise, increasing the signal to noise ratio and providing strong audio signals to drive multiple amplifiers to their top performance. The stronger and cleaner the input signal to the amplifiers, the better job they will do providing their best car audio performance. The Three.1 Equalizer is a preamp eq with built-in subwoofer crossover plus front, rear, and sub outputs. It has a master volume control, subwoofer level control, parabass control for choosing the exact bass frequency range you want to boost and a gain control to boost the selected bass range. And of course it has fantastic accuracy and sound quality. It’s on display in our store. Stop by to listen. Make your car stereo system sound it’s best!
Overdrive is basically a 2 channel version of the Matrix above. It is a car audio line driver with a two channel input and two channels of 13 volt peak output. It is adjustable with volt output signal level indicator LED’s. The LC6i is a sophisticated six channel line out converter that allows you to connect an aftermarket speaker and amp system of audiophile quality to the existing factory car stereo. The LC6i converts speaker level inputs from a factory radio or factory amplifier to a high quality preamp signal for use in a high end car audio sound system. This allows the owner to use his/her factory volume control and steering wheel controls, yet still enjoy the high end quality of aftermarket car audio product in his/her car.
The Epicenter Control Knob is available separately “for those who have lost their knob”.
DQL-8 is an Eight Channel Line Output Converter with Auxiliary Input & Digital Signal Processing,  Eight High-level Inputs and Six Pre-amp Outputs, Auxiliary Stereo Input, Digital Equalization Bands & Crossovers, Internal Channel Summing, GTOTM Signal Sensing Inputs, 12-Volt Trigger Output,  AutoMode™ Inputs, Remote Knob with Source Switching and Aux Volume,  This Product is Special Order

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