Amp Wiring Gauge Chart

Car Amplifier Wire Gauge Chart
Helping you select the right wire size for your amp wiring

Note: This is the acceptable wire gauge required, however it is always O.K. to use the next size up. Bigger is better, and there is always the possibility that you may decide to either upgrade your amp later for a larger one or add an additional car amplifier in your car audio system. In car wire gauge sizes, the smaller the number of the gauge, the thicker the wire and the more current it will carry over a longer distance with less loss due to the internal resistance of the wire itself. Too small a cable will reduce the power getting to your car stereo amplifier and thereby reduce the amplifier’s performance, causing it to overheat or shut off. Also a car amp may distort prematurely if it is starved for current and voltage. Distortion is a speaker’s greatest enemy. Car amplifier distortion is the chief cause of car audio subwoofer failure. Distortion overheats the subwoofer’s voice coils causing them to eventually melt or burn up.